League Update

Here’s a brain dump of updates I wanted to mention.

1 – the boards will be wiped down tonight (4/30) and again in 2 weeks, so they will be sliding a lot tonight

2 – the current league will finish up divisional play tonight 4/30 and next week 5/7 with the season ending tourney on 5/14

3 – I have something new planned for 5/21 for anyone who wants to come play at the Hall, but it’s optional, I’ll bring sheets explaining it tonight

4 – the next league will be at Flyers beginning on June 4th and running all of June, July and part of August, sign-ups are now being accepted, more details can be found by clicking on the link on the right

5 – board #6 tonight will have a new set of Buckeye Gameboard bags.  These COULD be the bags we use in the future, so try them out and let me know what you think