Monday Night League Update

So far we have 20 teams officially registered (although just 2 paid).  There are still 2 teams in the current league that said they might return.  I will try to get their final answer this Monday.  So at the very least we have 2 open spots left and possibly as many as 4 (or more if teams have not paid before 3/6).  Here is the current list of teams registered.

“Blow it Up” – Michelle and Aaron (Aaron PAID)
Jim & Brand PAID
Christine & Darnell (Christine PAID)
“Ricky Bobby”
“Those Guys”
“Kobra Cai”
“Applesauce Boys”
“Anger Management”
JJ & Dave PAID
Ryan & Brian (Ryan PAID)
Beau & Matt
“The Leg Sweepers”
“Slick It In” – Justin and Miguel (Undecided on playing)
Robb & Chuck
Lynette & Rick (Undecided on playing)
“Here for the Beer” – Dan and Bob PAID
“Cornhole is Fun” (Dave PAID)
Jim Singer & ? (May not have a partner)
Rick & Bob (aka the Cornstars) PAID