Monday 3.5.2012 – Blind Draw Results

24 players came out to help raise money to buy new equipment for the league and play in a blind draw tournament.  The format was modified triple elimination (once you fall to the “2nd” losers bracket, the best you can finish is 3rd).

In the end the team of Michelle Cahill and Dave Weiser outlasted Stacia Pugh and Jim Cahill to win it.

Here are the final results:

1st – Michelle Cahill / Dave Weiser
2nd – Stacia Pugh / Jim Cahill
3rd – Wayne Colonna / Brian Thomas
4th – Brett Lyons / Jeep
5th – Christine Papcke / Ken Allen
6th – Kurt Mott / Mike Pfaff
t-7th – Aaron Kleinpeter / Beau Horky
t-7th – JJ Teron / Travis Mott
t-9th – Bob Dalton / Alan Skotko
t-9th – Darnell Johnson / Aaron S
t-11th – Dan Wolf / Brian Myers
t-11th – Dave Miller / Yudi