Team Update and Monday

fyi – we have 17 players that have paid for the “team” tournament on 5/21.  Please see me Monday if you want to get in on that.  If I don’t have 24 players by the end of the night this Monday, then I will open it up to players outside of the league.  If I still don’t get 24 players then I guess it just become a blind draw.

Here are the players that are currently signed-up – Beau, Matt, Christine, Brian M, Stacia, Mike, Brett, Dave W, Michelle, Jim C, Brian T, Rudy, JJ, Rick C, Kurt, Travis and Ron W.

Also, the Hall will be providing food on tonight (Friday) and Monday for the tournament night!  Special thanks to the Knights of Columbus Hall for hosting our leauge the past 8 months and several years!