“Kentucky” Bob Dalton Has Passed

The cornhole community of Northeast Ohio has lost one of our own.  Bob Dalton (pictured above with “The King” Matt Guy) played in the NEOCornhole leagues for years and countless tournaments.  He loved the game and the competition and he loved the people.  Bob was one of the rare ones that put in the time to become a top notch player.  I had the honor of practicing once with him in one of his practice spots which was a racquetball court.  The court was just long enough to accommodate a set of boards and we played for a few hours.  He spent many hours practicing on his own and in the back yard with neighbors, family and friends.  Truthfully, Bob was the nicest guy in cornhole and a pleasure to be around.  It was sad to have him leave Ohio recently to move to Florida, but it’s what he really wanted to do and it’s even more sad to hear of his passing.  Thanks for all the memories Bob, may you rest in peace and from what I hear the cornhole equipment in Heaven is always perfect with the perfect slide.  No sticky boards in Heaven!  Love you Bob.