Introducing the Bob Dalton Award & Memorial Plaque

For those of you that are new to the league you may never have met Bob Dalton.  Bob Dalton, who recently passed away, played in our league for many years.  Bob was not only a great player and great competitor, but more importantly a great person.  In order to honor Bob we are purchasing a plaque for the league and will etch the winner’s of the “Bob Dalton Award” once per session.  Bob was a Division I player and a top competitor who has won that tournament so we felt a good way to honor his memory, would be to award the Division I tournament winners each session.

The first names that will be etched on the plaque, however, will be Michelle and Jim Cahill.  Michelle and Jim were the founders of our league back in the mid-late 2000’s under the name NEOCornhole and ran the league all the way up to early this year, 2012.  They did an amazing job growing the league, and made many sacrifices to help the league be what it is today.  Without them, most of us would have never met Bob and may not be playing cornhole today.

So, for those of you who knew Bob and would like to donate to the purchase of this plaque to honor him, please see me tonight.  Any donation would be great.  If you didn’t know Bob and still want to contribute, that would be greatly appreciated as well.  I will also work with the American Legion Hall to see if they will let us hang it up.  If not, then I will be sure that it makes an appearance each and every session at the league tournament night.