Addressing Player Behavior

Hello all, last night was a particularly rough night in terms of player behavior.  I personally witnessed two players throwing bags down as hard as they can either on the floor or worse, on top of the board.  I also heard of another player punching a wall.

Please note that I completely understand that many of the players in the league are very competitive and get frustrated when they’re not playing their best.  However, these actions are simply not acceptable and will be dealt with in the future.  The equipment we use is not cheap and the place we play at has the perfect set-up for cornhole and let’s us play for FREE!  We simply cannot risk losing the Hall or damaging equipment because of frustrated players.  I mean if you want to take it out on something, well, there’s always your car, or perhaps you should invest in a punching bag at home.  If you want, you can put my face on the punching bag if it helps.

So, going forward the following rules will be used.  All actions from the past two weeks will not be held against you.

First and foremost, you are responsible for ANY damage that you cause to the equipment or to the facility where we play.  If something breaks because of your actions, you will have to pay to cover the damages.

Along with that, I’m going with the three strikes and you’re out approach for the “typical” actions we’ve been seeing such as throwing bags down, kicking boards/tables or punching walls.  Of course if a players does something worse than this, then they could be suspended immediately.

1st Offense – verbal warning

2nd Offense – team forfeits the current game they are playing or their next game (if they just finished a game or are between games)

3rd Offense – ejection from the current league session with a possible suspension

In the end it’s still just a game.  Many of use love the game and love the competition and we certainly get mad when we don’t play well, but we need to learn to not take it out on any thing or any one.

If you would like to discuss anything with regards to these rules or any rules for the league, just let me know.