ACL Conference – Top 16 Going Down to the Wire!

Two weekends left to try and get into the top 16 in the Mid-East Conference! Top 16 get to play in the $20,000 Conference Cup in Cherokee for Free! Remember, conference standings are based on singles points. The last opportunity to move up in singles points is by attending an ACL Regional either this weekend or next. Conference Standings become final on June 18th! You keep your best 5 regional singles finals, so in order to gain points you must finish better than your fifth best finish thus far this year.

Here’s the current top players in our conference (note that Trey is not eligible to play in this event due to his youth). If you look at the standings in the app it’s missing Brandon Corwin for some reason, they are trying to fix it. If any of the top 16 do NOT go to Cherokee, then the next name on the list is invited. The tiebreaker is best conference singles finish, if still tied then 2nd best conference singles finish, if still tied then best National singles finish, if still tied then 3rd best conference finish, if still tied then coin toss…

1. Cody Henderson OH 2300
2. Adam Hissner OH 2268
3. Trey Burchfield OH 2265
4. Brandon Corwin OH 2240
5. Jay Dotson OH 2217
6. Christine Papcke OH 2215
7. Chuckie Love OH 2212
8. Mike Schaffer OH 2204
9. Brian Hall OH 2203
10. Jamie Pernell OH 2201
11. Sean Short OH 2192
12. Dave Kolenc PA 2188
13. Barry Hempy OH 2184
14. Ken Schaef OH 2169
15. Eric Anderson OH 2149
16. Chad Mayberry OH 2145
17. Eli Stevens OH 2140
18. Rex Uhrig OH 2138
18. Jason Freeman PA 2138
20. Chris Meek OH 2136
20. Chad Braun OH 2136
22. Barry Beresford WV 2134