Monday Players – Which Do You Prefer?

Now that we have held our first ever “Mid-Season Blind Draw Tournament” during a doubles league, which do you prefer?  Please only vote once and only vote if you are a Monday night player, thanks.

Which Do You Prefer During Doubles League Play?

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2 Responses to “Monday Players – Which Do You Prefer?”

  1. Wayne Colonna says:

    Hey Dave,

    I liked the blind draw tourney format as long as going forward current teams in the league don’t wind up paired together – aka for D1 it was Pfaff/Braun and Seto/Tim. Obviously, it was a big advantage for Mike/Chad to play together. Other than that it was fine. On the flip side it’s a blind draw tourney and with only 11 players in D1 – odds are a couple teams may end up with their normal partner.



  2. Dave Weiser says:

    Yes, that could be a future “enhancement” where you must get a different partner.

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