8.18.2014 Singles Tournament Results

Thanks to the 39 players who came out for the singles tournament last night.  So many that we had to split it up into 4 divisions!  Here are the full results, congratulations to the winners.

Division I
1st – Mike Pfaff
2nd – Ken Allen
3rd – Keith Geho
4th – Christine Papcke
t-5th – Bob Adams
t-5th – Stacia Pugh
7th- Brandon Corwin (Beer Bracket Champ)
8th – Beau Horky
9th – Brett Lyons
t-10th – Jeff O’Heron
t-10th – Wayne Colonna

Division II
1st – Dave Morse
2nd – Tyler Thevenin
3rd – Yudi Joseph
4th – Jeep Joseph
t-5th – Mike Burdette
t-5th – Collin Miller
7th – Jim Cahill (Beer Bracket Champ)
8th – Jeff Ledel
9th – Michelle Cahill
t-10th – Dominic Paoletti
t-10th – Bob Williams

Division III
1st – Winnie Applegate
2nd – Marcus Patrick
3rd – Earl Locklear
4th – Alan Skotko
t-5th – Dave Abruzzino
t-5th – Marty Eisses
7th – Pat Morse (Beer Bracket Champ)
8th – Bill Kozak
9th – Danny O’Sullivan

Division IV
1st – Andy Shrek
2nd – Holly Rippey
3rd – Becky Gray
4th – Larry Mazza
5th – John Smurlo (Beer Bracket Champ)
6th – Fred Joseph
t-7th – Rob Ferguson
t-7th – Ed Opett