8.26.2013 – Singles Tournament Results

We had a great group of 45 players attend last nights singles tournament.

We broke it out into three divisions based on skill level and here are the final results.

Division I

Rob and Keith

1st – Rob Herman (left)
2nd – Keith Geho (right)
3rd – Christine Papcke
4th – Stacia Pugh
t-5th – TJ Petrie
t-5th – Jim Cahill
t-7th – Brandon Thevenin
t-7th – Beau Horky
t-9th – Dan Wolf
t-9th – Brett Lyons
t-9th – Mike Pfaff
t-9th – Michelle Cahill (Beer Bracket Champ)
t-13th – Ron Weiss
t-13th – Kurt Mott

Division II

Tim and Tyler

1st – Tim Haywood (left)
2nd – Tyler Thevenin (right)
3rd – Josh Miller
4th – Jeep Joseph
t-5th – George Townsend
t-5th – Collin Miller
t-7th – Mike Stallard
t-7th – Yudi Joseph
t-9th – Mike Burdette
t-9th – Dave Miller
t-9th – Steve Fouts
t-9th – Dave Kramer
t-13th – Howie Gibbons
t-13th – James Johnson
t-13th – Rob Scheithauer
t-13th – John Toohey
t-17th – Eric Turner
t-17th – Dan Dillinger
t-17th – Bob Bunevich (Beer Bracket Champ)

Division III

Chuck and Susan

1st – Susan Finley (right)
2nd – Chuck Nagy (left)
3rd – John Smerlo
4th – Alan Skotko
t-5th – Tyrone Nelson
t-5th – Jason Barna
t-7th – Wayne Dillard
t-7th – Dave Abruzzino
t-9th – Ken Orell
t-9th – Rachel
t-9th – Duane Dillard
t-9th – Seto Soto (Beer Bracket Champ)