Upcoming Dates You May Want to Put on the Calendar

Here are all the cornhole dates that I know of through January 2013.

11/19 – Monday – Doubles League Night

11/26 – Monday – Doubles League Night – Final week of the regular season

11/30 – Friday – Last Chance OCT Qualifier – Two Blind Draw tournaments, anyone can play, winning teams qualify for the $1,200 OCT Championships

12/3 – Monday – Doubles League Night – Tournament Night (remember, if your partner cannot make it this night, the only sub you are allowed to use is someone that has played at least one week with you during this session)

12/8 – Saturday – Ohio Cornhole Tour Championships – ONLY PLAYERS THAT QUALIFIED ARE ALLOWED TO PLAY

12/10 – Monday – $5 Tiered Blind Draw – anyone can play, players will be ordered from top to bottom based on this sessions standings. Anyone coming in from outside of our league I will place where I feel they belong. Then all players are put into 4 groups (top group having the Div I type players from our league and bottom group having Div IV type players from our league). Then I will randomly partner top players with bottom, and level II players with level III and we will play a double elimination tournament.

12/17 – Monday – Ryder Cup team night – limited to the first 32 players that pay $10, only open to league players unless we don’t get to 32 players and then I will open it up to players outside of the league

12/21 – Friday – Singles (Individual) League Night #2 – Anyone can still enter if they like

12/29 – Saturday – First ever “Cleveland Cornhole Singles Championships” – We will run two divisions for this event, more details will be out soon.

1/4 – Friday – MCT Qualifier – Like the Ohio Cornhole Tour, 2013 will have the Midwest Cornhole Tour. This will again be a blind draw event, 2 tournaments, winning teams qualify for a larger paying tournament in May 2013.

1/7 – Monday – Opening night for our Winter Doubles League

1/14 – Monday – Winter Doubles League

1/16 – Friday – Singles (Individual) League Night #3

1/21 – Monday – Winter Doubles League

1/27 – Sunday – Probable Cornhole Fundraiser

1/28 – Monday – Winter Doubles League