New Singles League Forming (Read and Vote)

Hello all, I am working on setting up a new singles league for cornhole players.  The league will not be like our Monday night doubles league, instead this league will meet just one time a month on Friday nights.  Most likely we would play one night in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr and that would be it.

Also, if we have enough players we will have two divisions.  One division for “Division I” type players and a second division for all other players.

I am considering running the league in one of two ways.

One option is to do a traditional league where you sign-up, show-up and play every player in your division say 2-3 times over the course of 6 months.

The other option is there would be a small fee (say $20) to enter the league and then each month we would run a tournament with another small entry fee ($10-15).  The format each month would change (maybe one month it’s triple elimination, the next it’s pool play followed by double elim, etc…).  You would then earn points based on how you finish and prizes would be awarded to the top finishing players each month as well as at the end of the year for the players earning the most points.

So the question of the day, which format do you like better?

Which Format Do You Like Better?

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