Thursday League Info

Email sent to league members on 12/28/2018:

The league starts THIS UPCOMING THURSDAY 1/3!  We currently have around 30 teams for the league and since I don’t have enough clear cut teams to form D1, we will start the league off with round robin where you play every team in the league over the first 3-4 weeks of the session. After 3-4 weeks all teams will be split into 3-4 divisions based on their Round Robin record.

Keep in mind that since everyone plays everyone that many games will go very fast when a really good team plays a not so good team… Therefore everyone will have 7-10 games each night over the first 3-4 weeks. After we form divisions you will likely play 6-8 games per night.

The league gets off to a bit of a “bumpy” start as we will not be playing on 1/10 (I was told the gym is in use that night) or 1/24 (many players will be in Florida for the big ACL National Tournament). After 1/24 I hope to go non-stop until the league ends.  VERY TENTATIVELY the league will end on 3/21.  That may change based on number of teams we end up with AND if we ever have to cancel due to weather. Speaking of which, this is the winter session which obviously means we could have bad weather. On league nights please be sure to check the website ( to make sure we are playing. If I decide to cancel I will update the website NO LATER than 4:15pm with a final decision.  If nothing is posted on the website by 4:15pm, we are playing.

*IMPORTANT – if you need a week off I need to know before end of day next Tuesday 1/1. After that I cannot guarantee that I will be able to re-schedule any games.

We will be playing in the gym at St. Michael’s Gym (5025 E. Mill Road, Broadview Hts. Ohio, 44147)

(Gym located at the very back of facility go past 1st 2 buildings – After pulling in the driveway, go all the way to the back)

A schedule for Thursday night’s games will be posted on no later than Noon on Thursday. Just go to the website and click on Thursdays and then Schedule to view it (once completed).

Boards are typically set-up no later than 5:30pm (often earlier if nobody is using the gym) if you want to come early and practice with the first games being scheduled to start at 6:30pm. Last year there were SOME nights where a basketball team was in the gym until 5:30pm, obviously in that case boards will be set-up as soon as possible after they leave.

Please do not bring outside food or drink into the gym, they will be selling food and drink typically starting by 6pm.

Players MAY bring their own bags. Bags do NOT have to have manufacturer logos on them, but must meet ACL specifications (LINK), most notably you cannot have anything other than resin (plastic pellets) inside the bags. Bags will be provided to those who do not have their own bags.

Teams may bring a sub if needed, but the sub must be the same skill level or worse than the player they are replacing. We don’t like forfeits during league play, so subs are encouraged whenever possible. If the sub is clearly better than the player they are replacing you can still play the games, but your team will forfeit those games should anyone complain about it as we don’t want any “ringers”.

The league is set to run around 10 weeks. So 3-4 weeks of round robin play, 5-6 weeks of division play and then the final week (10) are the playoffs. Each division will have a double elimination tournament (playoffs). If you win your division’s regular season, you have to move up to the next highest division for the playoffs. There are cash prizes and trophies to the top teams in each division for the regular season and for the playoffs as well. ALL TEAMS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!

League Rules to Know:

1 – Games are up to 21 OR MORE. You do not have to land on 21.

2 – Each game has a “home” team.  The team I call out first is the home team.  Home team gets to pick which side of the board they want to be on (or how they match-up against their opponent, but not both) and also get to go first.

3 – One “trick” to league play is we play full innings.  All games should start at the scoreboard end of the boards. If the player pitching nearest the scoreboard gives his/her team 21 or more points, the other end still gets to pitch their bags back so that all 4 players pitch the same number of bags.  For instance, the players at the scoreboard end pitch their bags and after adding up the points Team A now leads the game 22-17. However, the other end since they haven’t pitched as many bags as the players by the scoreboard yet have to throw back.  If team B now scores 6 or more points throwing back, they win the game.  If they score 5 points and tie it 22-22, then the game goes for another complete inning until a winner is determined.