Thursday Standings

Final Regular Season Standings – 12.01.2017

Playoffs are on 12.7.2017 which is the final week of the Fall league.

In the division Championship matches it was:
D1 – Christine and Dave defeating the Leg Creepers 2-0
D2 – Alan and Mike won both halves and thus won the D2 championship
D3 – Together Again defeated Bozo Buckets 2-0
D4 – Valerie and Emanuel defeated Practice Your Airmail 2-0

Division I – 2nd Half Standings Division I – Overall Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin % PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
1The Leg Creepers2115671.4%1The Bomb Squad43301369.8%
2Kerry and Eli2115671.4%2Christine and Dave43291467.4%
3The Bomb Squad2114766.7%3The Leg Creepers43281565.1%
4Christine and Dave21111052.4%4Kerry and Eli43281565.1%
5A-aron and K-Dog21101147.6%5A-aron and K-Dog43232053.5%
6Fire in the Hole2171433.3%6Burchfield43212248.8%
7Mike and Beau2161528.6%7Mike and Beau43182541.9%
8Burchfield2161528.6%8Fire in the Hole43172639.5%
Division II – 2nd Half Standings Division II – Overall Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
1Alan and Mike2423195.8%1Alan and Mike46361078.3%
2Nicole and James2416866.7%2Nicole and James46281860.9%
3Wrong Hole2415962.5%3Wrong Hole46252154.3%
4Hot and Cold24141058.3%4Hot and Cold46222447.8%
5Bozo Buckets24101441.7%5Big Trouble & Little China46163034.8%
6Big Trouble & Little China2491537.5%6Rodgers46143230.4%
7Rodgers2481633.3%7BG Boards46123426.1%
8BG Boards2471729.2%8Amateur Corn Stars46113523.9%
9Amateur Corn Stars2461825.0%Total368164204
Division III – Overall Standings
Division III – 2nd Half StandingsPosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %1Bozo Buckets2827196.4%
1Together Again2119290.5%2Together Again4942785.7%
2Frequent Flyers2116576.2%3Frequent Flyers49331667.3%
3Bobby and Jeremy2113861.9%4Bobby and Jeremy49292059.2%
4The Goombahs21111052.4%5Beer Masters49272255.1%
5Beer Masters21101147.6%6The Goombahs49272255.1%
7Practice Your Airmail2151623.8%8Blues Brothers4984116.3%
8Blues Brothers2131814.3%Total371213158
Division IV – Overall Standings
Division IV – 2nd Half StandingsPosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %1Practice Your Airmail2619773.1%
1Valerie and Emanuel2014670.0%2Valerie and Emanuel46301665.2%
2TOP FLIGHT2012860.0%3Schneider46262056.5%
3Corny Couple2012860.0%4Corny Couple46182839.1%
4Schneider2011955.0%5TOP FLIGHT46172937.0%
5Claudia and Deb2071335.0%6Emily and Kim46103621.7%
6Emily and Kim2041620.0%7Claudia and Deb4693719.6%