Team Night Player List

Last Updated 11.12.2018

First 48 signed up are in and we can take up to 64. If we get more than 48, but least than 64 then anyone after 48 will not be able to play.

Remember if you sign-up you MUST show up! This format doesn’t work if even one person misses. Also remember we start at 6:30pm sharp and likely won’t finish until 11pm or so.

Team Night 12.17.2018
# Name
1 Dawn Rodgers
2 Felix Rodgers
3 Wayne Colonna
4 Nick Bruno
5 Nicole Kountz
6 Rob Smith
7 Drew Thomas
8 Ryan Jackson
9 Alan Skotko
10 Dave Reschke
11 James Reschke
12 Randal Arcangelini
13 Jeff Beattie
14 Jeep Joseph
15 Jim Dudley
16 Josh Miller
17 Chris Bules
18 Bill Bules