Players Poll – Rankings

Last Vote Finalized On 9.26.2017

A lot of players fell off this list due to inactivity within Cleveland Cornhole events, but that does not mean that they wouldn’t still be top 50 or even Premier level.

11 local players submitted their “Top 50” players in the area.  Players must have participated in a couple of Cleveland Cornhole leagues/tournaments within the past 6 months to be eligible.  The highest and lowest votes of the 11 are dropped to determine this list.

*This list may NOT be used for ANY reason without first consulting with Cleveland Cornhole.  If your name is on the list, but you wish to remain anonymous, please let me know.

A “Low” of 60 means at least one voter did not have you in their “Top 50”.

Players who participate in both the league and tournaments have the best chance of being on this list because all 11 voters would see them play more frequently.  Players who have not played much (or at all) recently almost always fall in the standings.  The list is for fun and should not be taken too seriously…

RankNameAvg Drop High/LowLast VoteChgAvgHighLowTop 50 Votes
1Adam Hissner1.1101.31311
2Chuckie Love2.0202.11411
3Christine Papcke2.9302.82311
4Brandon Corwin4.2404.22611
5Jeff Reynolds5.3505.44711
6Ken Schaef5.8715.74711
7Mike Pfaff8.16-18.161011
8Ron Kugel8.3808.471011
9Trey Burchfield8.637288.551211
10Keith Geho11.010011.181511
11Jeff Tolliver12.611016.6106010
12Dave Kolenc12.712016.586010
13Chad Braun13.414113.5111611
14Eric Anderson16.1281416.683011
15Ken Allen17.313-217.5112611
16Sean Roth17.418217.6132411
17Travis Mott17.922517.8122311
18Dave Reschke18.123518.0112411
19Barry Beresford19.017-219.4142811
20Eli Stevens19.221119.2142411
21Jack Smith20.316-523.5156010
22Ron Weiss20.620-220.8182611
23Beau Horky22.424121.7112611
24Bill Sobleskie Jr.23.231723.4173111
25Chick Roth26.726127.7194611
26Seto Soto30.435930.4223811
27Jake Henry31.0461931.5254311
28Aaron Kleinpeter31.2441631.2194311
29Mike Bechtel31.6401132.1264311
30Jack McAllister32.7NRx33.6166010
31Mike Wamsley33.2NRx33.611608
32Collin Miller33.330-233.3283811
33Mike Burdette33.639633.6264211
34Tim Haywood33.632-233.6284011
35TJ Petrie34.0NRx35.1206010
36Jim Dudley34.433-334.5274211
37Kevin Allen35.445834.9214411
38Mitch McBurney37.129-938.327609
39Al Shuluga41.142341.5276010
40Shaun Burchfield41.9HMx40.9235011
41Rob Miller42.634-743.232608
42Kieran Hornacek44.2NRx43.8246010
43Alan Skotko44.338-544.834609
44Wayne Colonna46.341-346.737609
45Tim Hughart46.449446.736608
46Travis Siegferth48.0NRx47.733607
47Dave Wood49.6NRx48.022606
48Tim Allen49.7HMx49.335607
49George Davis Jr.49.747-249.537606
50Rob Smith50.8HMx50.640607
HMCraig Becker57.1HMx56.446603
HMDave Abruzzino55.2HMx54.846605
HMDennis Wareham52.7NRx51.735605
HMGreg Wyatt51.9HMx51.135605
HMJeep Joseph57.050x55.537603
HMJim Cahill60.0NRx58.442601
HMJohn Toohey60.0NRx59.150601
HMJosh Miller60.0NRx59.049601
HMKerry Mittermiller54.3NRx53.539605
HMMarcus Patrick57.348x55.939603
HMRicky Ward54.8NRx54.445605
HMSteve Fouts54.143x53.440604
HMTyler Thevenin57.2NRx56.041603

Honorable Mention (all players who received a Top 50 vote, but did not finish in the top 50)

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