Standings After Week #7 – As of 11.14.2017

Reminder that the 2nd half of the season starts next week 11/20 and will run for 3 weeks. The winner of the 1st half in each division will play the winner of the 2nd half in each division at the end of the night on 12/4 in a best 2/3 match.  If the same team wins both halves, they are automatically names the division champion. All other standings are based on “overall” standings which is the first half plus the second half.

Also, Sons of Cornarchy beat Danielle and Jessilyn 3 out of 5 in the first half and thus win the first half tiebreaker.

Final First Half Standings

Division I – 1st Half Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
1Christine and Travis2723485.2%
2Vicious and Delicious2719870.4%
3The Bomb Squad2718966.7%
4You Just Got Rothed!27151255.6%
5Eric and Jim27131448.1%
6Matt and Beau27121544.4%
7Ron and Mike27121544.4%
8League Only27101737.0%
9MC Hammered2772025.9%
10Kevin and Heather2762122.2%
Division II – 1st Half Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
1Fire in the Hole2215768.2%
2Tyler and Jason2214863.6%
4Just the Tip2213959.1%
5Chico and the Man22121054.5%
7Kerry and Shaun22101245.5%
8M & M22101245.5%
9PUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!22101245.5%
10Peace Syndicate22101245.5%
11Corn Stars2271531.8%
12Bob and Tim2261627.3%
Division III – 1st Half Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
1Killer B’s2722581.5%
2Jeep and Yudi2719870.4%
3Drew and Jeff27161159.3%
4Bozo Buckets27141351.9%
5Nicole and Dennis27131448.1%
6Don and James27131448.1%
7Money Shot27121544.4%
8Italian Stallions27101737.0%
9All Baggin No Braggin27101737.0%
10The Big Guys2762122.2%
Division IV – 1st Half Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
1Now Boarding2417770.8%
2C-Town and Wowie2416866.7%
3What Are You New2416866.7%
4Jeff and Marty24121250.0%
5V Lounge24121250.0%
6Chris and Bill24121250.0%
7Erin and Steve2491537.5%
8Allana and Nick2481633.3%
9Ski Patrol2461825.0%
Division V – 1st Half Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
1Sons of Cornarchy2519676.0%
2Danielle and Jessilyn2519676.0%
3Bags of Fury25121348.0%
4Beenie Weenies2591636.0%
5James Gang2591636.0%
6Luxury Lawn Inc.2571828.0%