Schedule for Week #12 – 12.09.2019

We will have a full house on Monday for the Playoffs with 63 of the 71 teams in action. If you want to be able to warm-up you should try and come early. Please also consider rotating warm-ups with your partner so that more people have a chance to practice.

This also means you may have longer waits between games. Everyone is GUARANTEED 3 games, so if you don’t finish in the top 3 in the main bracket you fall to a single elimination consolation bracket do determine 4th place. So please don’t leave until you’ve lost 3 times or finished in the top 3. If you prefer not to stick around for the consolation bracket please have the courtesy to let me know so that I can cross you off the list.

Also, we have one game at 6pm to determine 2nd place in Division 5. Simon and Jeff will play Bearded Baggers to determine 2nd place.

Click on the links below to view each divisions bracket(s). Let me know of any issues.

Premier – 11 Team Double Elimination

D1 – 7 Team Double Elimination

D2 – 9 Team Double Elimination

D3 – 10 Team Double Elimination

D4 – 11 Team Double Elimination

D5 – 8 Team Double Elimination

D6 – 7 Team Double Elimination

D7 – 8 Team Double Elimination – Already Completed