Schedule for Week #1 – 9.25.2017

Round RobinGames
Bob and Tim7
Chico and the Man11
Christine and Travis7
Corn Stars7
Eric and Jim8
Fire in the Hole7
Jeep and Yudi7
Just the Tip7
Kevin and Heather7
League Only7
M & M8
Matt and Beau7
MC Hammered8
Money Shot8
Peace Syndicate7
Ron and Mike7
The Bomb Squad7
Tyler and Jason7
Vicious and Delicious8
All Baggin No Braggin8
Beenie Weenies8
Billy and Chris7
Bozo Buckets7
Brian and Nick7
Chris and Bill7
C-Town and Wowie8
Danielle and Jessilyn7
Don and James7
Drew and Jeff11
Erin and Steve7
George and Deb8
Italian Stallions7
James Gang7
Jeff and Marty7
Killer B’s7
Luxury Lawn Inc.7
Nicole and Dennis7
Now Boarding7
Sons of Cornarchy7
Steve and Tom7
V Lounge7
What Are You New6
Home AwayApprox Time Date
Chico and the ManPUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!6:00 PM9/25/2017
Drew and JeffGeorge and Deb
Just the TipBagnificent6:30 PM
Peace SyndicateTyler and Jason
BurchfieldChristine and Travis
Chico and the ManCorn Stars
Matt and BeauReschke
Money ShotThe Bomb Squad
Eric and JimJeep and Yudi
Vicious and DeliciousMC Hammered
Ron and MikeLeague Only
RothBob and Tim
M & MKevin and Heather
Fire in the HolePUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!
Danielle and JessilynBeenie Weenies
Steve and TomAll Baggin No Braggin
Don and JamesChris and Bill6:45 PM
Erin and SteveV Lounge
George and DebWhat Are You New
Killer B’sNow Boarding
Billy and ChrisDrew and Jeff
Italian StallionsJeff and Marty
Luxury Lawn Inc.Nicole and Dennis
James GangC-Town and Wowie
Bozo BucketsSons of Cornarchy
Brian and NickBeenie Weenies
PUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!Bagnificent
RothChico and the Man
Eric and JimJust the Tip
Vicious and DeliciousMoney Shot
Ron and MikeMatt and Beau7:00 PM
M & MBurchfield
Fire in the HolePeace Syndicate
Kevin and HeatherTyler and Jason
Bob and TimChristine and Travis
League OnlyCorn Stars
MC HammeredReschke
Jeep and YudiThe Bomb Squad
Italian StallionsErin and Steve
Chico and the ManEric and Jim
Danielle and JessilynKiller B’s
Bozo BucketsAll Baggin No Braggin
James GangSteve and Tom
What Are You NewBilly and Chris7:15 PM
Luxury Lawn Inc.Don and James
Brian and NickGeorge and Deb
Sons of CornarchyChris and Bill
Beenie WeeniesV Lounge
C-Town and WowieNow Boarding
Nicole and DennisDrew and Jeff
Matt and BeauBurchfield
RothCorn Stars
Vicious and DeliciousTyler and Jason
Money ShotPeace Syndicate
Eric and JimBagnificent
Just the TipChico and the Man
PUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!Jeep and Yudi
Erin and SteveJeff and Marty
Ron and MikeChristine and Travis7:30 PM
Kevin and HeatherMC Hammered
M & MReschke
Fire in the HoleThe Bomb Squad
Bob and TimLeague Only
Beenie WeeniesItalian Stallions
C-Town and WowieDanielle and Jessilyn
Bozo BucketsJames Gang
Now BoardingSteve and Tom
Brian and NickWhat Are You New
Sons of CornarchyLuxury Lawn Inc.
Nicole and DennisBilly and Chris
Drew and JeffDon and James7:40 PM
V LoungeGeorge and Deb
Jeff and MartyKiller B’s
Chris and BillAll Baggin No Braggin
Vicious and DeliciousPUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!
Chico and the ManMC Hammered
Money ShotBob and Tim
Tyler and JasonCorn Stars
BurchfieldJeep and Yudi
Matt and BeauLeague Only
Peace SyndicateThe Bomb Squad
Erin and SteveSons of Cornarchy
Eric and JimKevin and Heather
Christine and TravisJust the Tip7:55 PM
RothM & M
Ron and MikeFire in the Hole
Italian StallionsLuxury Lawn Inc.
V LoungeDrew and Jeff
Don and JamesBeenie Weenies
Killer B’sBozo Buckets
Billy and ChrisBrian and Nick
Danielle and JessilynJames Gang
Vicious and DeliciousChico and the Man
Now BoardingWhat Are You New
All Baggin No BragginJeff and Marty
George and DebNicole and Dennis
Steve and TomC-Town and Wowie8:10 PM
Just the TipM & M
Fire in the HoleRoth
Bob and TimEric and Jim
Drew and JeffChris and Bill
MC HammeredMatt and Beau
The Bomb SquadBurchfield
ReschkePeace Syndicate
Italian StallionsSons of Cornarchy
Corn StarsBagnificent
Christine and TravisTyler and Jason
PUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!Ron and Mike
Jeep and YudiChico and the Man
League OnlyMoney Shot
Kevin and HeatherVicious and Delicious8:25 PM
What Are You NewErin and Steve
Killer B’sDon and James
Billy and ChrisSteve and Tom
Danielle and JessilynGeorge and Deb
James GangV Lounge
Brian and NickNow Boarding
Bozo BucketsDrew and Jeff
Beenie WeeniesJeff and Marty
C-Town and WowieNicole and Dennis
Luxury Lawn Inc.Chris and Bill
Italian StallionsAll Baggin No Braggin
PUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!Matt and Beau
Bob and TimBurchfield
Fire in the HoleMoney Shot8:40 PM
Ron and MikeJust the Tip
RothVicious and Delicious
M & MEric and Jim
Kevin and HeatherChico and the Man
League OnlyPeace Syndicate
Sons of CornarchyWhat Are You New
MC HammeredBagnificent
Jeep and YudiTyler and Jason
The Bomb SquadChristine and Travis
ReschkeCorn Stars
Drew and JeffJeff and Marty
V LoungeC-Town and Wowie
Now BoardingNicole and Dennis
Chris and BillBeenie Weenies8:55 PM
PUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!Burchfield
George and DebBozo Buckets
Steve and TomBrian and Nick
Don and JamesJames Gang
Erin and SteveLuxury Lawn Inc.
Killer B’sItalian Stallions
Billy and ChrisDanielle and Jessilyn
All Baggin No BragginSons of Cornarchy
Drew and JeffC-Town and Wowie
Money ShotEric and Jim
Just the TipJeep and Yudi
ReschkeLeague Only
Corn StarsBob and Tim
Christine and TravisKevin and Heather9:10 PM
The Bomb SquadMC Hammered
Tyler and JasonPUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!
BagnificentFire in the Hole
Peace SyndicateM & M
Chico and the ManRon and Mike
Matt and BeauVicious and Delicious
All Baggin No BragginDon and James
Drew and JeffDanielle and Jessilyn
Beenie WeeniesBozo Buckets
C-Town and WowieBrian and Nick
Nicole and DennisJames Gang
Jeff and MartyLuxury Lawn Inc.
Now BoardingBilly and Chris
V LoungeKiller B’s9:20 PM
Chris and BillErin and Steve
George and DebSteve and Tom
Chico and the ManM & M
All Baggin No BragginDrew and Jeff