Schedule for Week #6 – 7.24.2017 – First Week of Division Play

Reminder, NO CORNHOLE on 7.17.2017!

7/24 is a light schedule since 5 teams needed it off. Reminder on the money games, you play two games, back to back. Each game is worth $10 (you do not pay anything additional to play these games).  After game 1 you switch sides of the board (not ends) and play again.  Whichever team won the first game goes first in the second game.

1Chico and the Man624
1Christine and Travis000
1Eric and Dave651
1Kerry and Eli642
1Kevin and Heather000
1Matt and Beau523
1MC Hammered000
2Bob and Tim743
2Corn Stars743
2Earl and Jason000
2Just the Tip844
2Ken and Mike725
2Miller Time743
2Peace Syndicate716
3Felix and Nicole743
3Holey Moley642
3Italian Stallions624
3Jeff and Jim743
3Mike and Bri743
3Tom and Marty734
4Dennis and Nick734
4Ed and John743
4George and Deb734
4Now Boarding743
4Sack to the Future734
4Tyler and Mitch633
Home AwayOtherApprox Time Date
Corn StarsPeace Syndicate6:30 PM7/24/2017
Just the TipKen and Mike
Now BoardingGeorge and Deb
Holey MoleyItalian Stallions
Felix and NicoleJeff and Jim
Ed and JohnDennis and Nick
Tyler and MitchSack to the Future
Miller TimeBob and Tim
Chico and the ManKerry and Eli6:45 PM
Matt and BeauT-Baggers
Mike and BriTom and Marty
Eric and DaveJust the TipD1 vs D2
Miller TimeKen and Mike
Corn StarsBob and Tim
Dennis and NickNow Boarding
Ed and JohnSack to the Future
George and DebTyler and Mitch7:00 PM
Jeff and JimPeace SyndicateD2 vs D3
Felix and NicoleJust the TipD2 vs D3
Kerry and EliMatt and Beau
Italian StallionsMiller TimeD2 vs D3
Holey MoleyKen and MikeD2 vs D3
T-BaggersCorn StarsD1 vs D2
Eric and DaveChico and the Man
Sack to the FutureDennis and Nick7:15 PM
George and DebEd and John
Tyler and MitchNow Boarding
Bob and TimJeff and JimD2 vs D3
Just the TipTom and MartyD2 vs D3
Miller TimeHoley MoleyD2 vs D3
Peace SyndicateItalian StallionsD2 vs D3
Mike and BriCorn StarsD2 vs D3
Eric and DaveMatt and BeauDH7:30 PM
Eric and DaveMatt and BeauDH
T-BaggersChico and the ManDH
T-BaggersChico and the ManDH
Kerry and EliKen and MikeD1 vs D2
Tom and MartySack to the FutureD3 vs D4
Felix and NicoleTyler and MitchD3 vs D4
Jeff and JimEd and JohnD3 vs D4
Bob and TimPeace SyndicateDH
Bob and TimPeace SyndicateDH
Italian StallionsDennis and NickD3 vs D4
Mike and BriNow BoardingD3 vs D47:45 PM
George and DebHoley MoleyD3 vs D4
Just the TipMiller Time
Ed and JohnFelix and NicoleD3 vs D4
Dennis and NickTom and MartyD3 vs D4
Now BoardingItalian StallionsD3 vs D48:00 PM
Kerry and EliEric and Dave
Sack to the FutureJeff and JimD3 vs D4
Holey MoleyMike and Bri
Corn StarsJust the Tip
Dennis and NickGeorge and Deb
Ken and MikePeace Syndicate
Ed and JohnTyler and Mitch
Kerry and EliChico and the Man$10 Game8:15 PM
Chico and the ManKerry and Eli$10 Game
Eric and DaveT-Baggers
Holey MoleyFelix and Nicole
Now BoardingSack to the Future
Jeff and JimMike and Bri
Tom and MartyGeorge and DebD3 vs D4
Matt and BeauPeace SyndicateD1 vs D2
Bob and TimCorn Stars$10 Game
Corn StarsBob and Tim$10 Game
Just the TipKen and Mike$10 Game8:30 PM
Ken and MikeJust the Tip$10 Game
Miller TimeFelix and Nicole$10 Game
Felix and NicoleMiller Time$10 Game
Mike and BriTom and Marty$10 Game
Tom and MartyMike and Bri$10 Game
Now BoardingEd and John
Sack to the FutureGeorge and Deb
Jeff and JimItalian Stallions
Tyler and MitchDennis and Nick8:45 PM