Schedule for Week #8 – 11.20.2017 (First Week of the 2nd Half of the “Regular” Season)

1Christine and Travis734
1Eric and Jim743
1Kevin and Heather743
1League Only743
1Matt and Beau743
1MC Hammered743
1Ron and Mike734
1The Bomb Squad734
1Vicious and Delicious734
1You Just Got Rothed!734
2Bob and Tim734
2Chico and the Man725
2Corn Stars725
2Fire in the Hole743
2Just the Tip734
2Kerry and Shaun743
2M & M743
2Peace Syndicate752
2Tyler and Jason734
3All Baggin No Braggin725
3Bozo Buckets752
3Don and James752
3Drew and Jeff752
3Italian Stallions752
3Jeep and Yudi752
3Killer B’s725
3Money Shot725
3Nicole and Dennis725
3The Big Guys725
4Allana and Nick624
4Chris and Bill633
4C-Town and Wowie642
4Erin and Steve633
4Jeff and Marty642
4Now Boarding633
4Ski Patrol000
4V Lounge633
4What Are You New624
5Bags of Fury743
5Beenie Weenies743
5Danielle and Jessilyn743
5James Gang734
5Luxury Lawn Inc.734
5Sons of Cornarchy734


Home AwayOtherApprox Time Date
Eric and JimChristine and Travis6:30 PM11/20/2017
Kevin and HeatherYou Just Got Rothed!
League OnlyVicious and Delicious
Matt and BeauThe Bomb Squad
MC HammeredRon and Mike
BagnificentTyler and Jason
Bob and TimReschke
Chico and the ManPUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!
Corn StarsPeace Syndicate
Fire in the HoleM & M
Just the TipKerry and Shaun
Bozo BucketsAll Baggin No Braggin
Don and JamesThe Big Guys
Drew and JeffNicole and Dennis
Italian StallionsMoney Shot6:45 PM
Jeep and YudiKiller B’s
Bags of FuryBeenie Weenies
Danielle and JessilynJames Gang
Luxury Lawn Inc.Sons of Cornarchy
C-Town and WowieNow Boarding
Allana and NickV Lounge
Erin and SteveJeff and Marty
Chris and BillWhat Are You New
Tyler and JasonPUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!
Bob and TimPeace Syndicate
Chico and the ManM & M
Corn StarsKerry and Shaun
Fire in the HoleJust the Tip7:00 PM
Eric and JimKevin and Heather
Christine and TravisRon and Mike
The Bomb SquadMC Hammered
Vicious and DeliciousMatt and Beau
You Just Got Rothed!League Only
Bozo BucketsDon and James
All Baggin No BragginKiller B’s
Money ShotJeep and Yudi
Nicole and DennisItalian Stallions
The Big GuysDrew and Jeff
James GangBags of Fury
Luxury Lawn Inc.Beenie Weenies
Sons of CornarchyDanielle and Jessilyn
Now BoardingErin and Steve7:15 PM
V LoungeChris and Bill
What Are You NewAllana and Nick
Jeff and MartyC-Town and Wowie
BagnificentM & M
Peace SyndicateKerry and Shaun
PUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!Just the Tip
ReschkeFire in the Hole
Tyler and JasonCorn Stars
Bob and TimChico and the Man
MC HammeredVicious and Delicious
Ron and MikeThe Bomb Squad
Kevin and HeatherChristine and Travis
League OnlyEric and Jim
Matt and BeauYou Just Got Rothed!7:30 PM
Jeep and YudiNicole and Dennis
Killer B’sMoney Shot
Don and JamesAll Baggin No Braggin
Drew and JeffBozo Buckets
Italian StallionsThe Big Guys
Bags of FuryLuxury Lawn Inc.
Beenie WeeniesDanielle and Jessilyn
James GangSons of Cornarchy
C-Town and WowieAllana and Nick
Erin and SteveWhat Are You New
Jeff and MartyV Lounge
Now BoardingChris and Bill
Kerry and ShaunBagnificent
M & MJust the Tip7:45 PM
Peace SyndicateFire in the Hole
ReschkeChico and the Man
Tyler and JasonBob and Tim
You Just Got Rothed!MC Hammered
Eric and JimMatt and Beau
Kevin and HeatherLeague Only
Christine and TravisThe Bomb Squad
Vicious and DeliciousRon and Mike
The Big GuysJeep and Yudi
Bozo BucketsItalian Stallions
Don and JamesDrew and Jeff
All Baggin No BragginMoney Shot
Nicole and DennisKiller B’s8:05 PM
Danielle and JessilynBags of Fury
Sons of CornarchyBeenie Weenies
Luxury Lawn Inc.James Gang
V LoungeNow Boarding
What Are You NewJeff and Marty
Allana and NickErin and Steve
Chris and BillC-Town and Wowie
BagnificentJust the Tip
Kerry and ShaunFire in the Hole
M & MCorn Stars
Peace SyndicateChico and the Man
ReschkeTyler and Jason
Matt and BeauKevin and Heather8:20 PM
MC HammeredEric and Jim
Ron and MikeYou Just Got Rothed!
The Bomb SquadVicious and Delicious
League OnlyChristine and Travis
Italian StallionsDon and James
Jeep and YudiBozo Buckets
Killer B’sThe Big Guys
Money ShotNicole and Dennis
Drew and JeffAll Baggin No Braggin
Bags of FurySons of Cornarchy
Beenie WeeniesJames Gang
Danielle and JessilynLuxury Lawn Inc.
Erin and SteveChris and Bill
Jeff and MartyAllana and Nick8:35 PM
Now BoardingWhat Are You New
C-Town and WowieV Lounge
Fire in the HoleBagnificent
Just the TipCorn Stars
Kerry and ShaunChico and the Man
M & MBob and Tim
Peace SyndicateTyler and Jason
Christine and TravisVicious and Delicious
You Just Got Rothed!The Bomb Squad
Eric and JimRon and Mike
Kevin and HeatherMC Hammered
League OnlyMatt and Beau
Beenie WeeniesBags of Fury8:50 PM
James GangDanielle and Jessilyn
Sons of CornarchyLuxury Lawn Inc.
Killer B’sJeep and Yudi$10 Game
Killer B’sJeep and Yudi$10 Game
Drew and JeffBozo Buckets$10 Game
Drew and JeffBozo Buckets$10 Game
Don and JamesNicole and Dennis$10 Game
Don and JamesNicole and Dennis$10 Game
Money ShotAll Baggin No Braggin$10 Game
Money ShotAll Baggin No Braggin$10 Game
Italian StallionsThe Big Guys$10 Game
Italian StallionsThe Big Guys$10 Game
Chris and BillAllana and Nick
C-Town and WowieErin and Steve
V LoungeWhat Are You New
Jeff and MartyNow Boarding
Kerry and ShaunTyler and Jason
BagnificentCorn Stars
Fire in the HoleChico and the Man9:05 PM
Just the TipBob and Tim
M & MReschke
Peace SyndicatePUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!
Matt and BeauChristine and Travis
MC HammeredLeague Only
Ron and MikeKevin and Heather
The Bomb SquadEric and Jim
Vicious and DeliciousYou Just Got Rothed!
Bags of FuryJames Gang
Beenie WeeniesLuxury Lawn Inc.
Danielle and JessilynSons of Cornarchy