Monday Round Robin Groupings

Upper Lower
Bagnificent All Baggin No Braggin
Bob and Tim Beenie Weenies
Burchfield Billy and Chris
Chico and the Man Bozo Buckets
Christine and Travis Brian and Nick
Corn Stars Chris and Bill
Eric and Jim C-Town and Wowie
Fire in the Hole Danielle and Jessilyn
Jeep and Yudi Don and James
Just the Tip Drew and Jeff
Kevin and Heather George and Deb
League Only Italian Stallions
M & M James Gang
Matt and Beau Jeff and Marty
MC Hammered Killer B’s
Money Shot Luxury Lawn Inc.
Peace Syndicate Nicole and Dennis
PUT UP YOUR DUKES!!! Now Boarding
Reschke Sons of Cornarchy
Ron and Mike Steve and Erin
Roth Steve and Tom
The Bomb Squad V Lounge
Tyler and Jason What Are You New
Vicious and Delicious