ATL/COBS – Details

The American Tailgating League (ATL) is starting up the Championships of Bags (COBS) in 2015!

This cornhole event will feature several states from across the midwest and the east, bringing the top players together for the COBS finals that will START with a prize pot of $5,000 and increase from there!

How does it work?
In Ohio we have 5 different directors who will each run one event between now and mid-July 2015. Each event will consist of Blind Draw Doubles and Singles.  Players earn points by participating in each of these tournaments and the top players (based on these points) are invited to the Ohio State Finals in early August 2015.  Players may play in as many of these regionals as they wish and obtain points for all of them!

These directors are located in Cleveland, Youngstown, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati.

Entry Fees:
Entry Fee into each event is as follows:
$20/player for blind draw
$20/player for singles

Player Points/Rankings:
Players earn points in each event based on ATL scoring rules:
4 points for entering a tournament
4 points per win in winners bracket
2 points for win in losers bracket

Cash prizes will be 60% of the entries for each tournament.
Additionally, 15% of the entries will go into the State tournament prize pot and 5% of the entries will go into the National tournament prize pot

The National Prize pot is STARTING at $5,000

How Many Players Get Invited to the State Finals?
The Top 128 players in the Ohio rankings after all 5 events are complete are invited to the State Championships.

Players ranked 65-128 can only play in the Blind Draw event at the State Championship which pays out 30% of the State Championship pot.

The Top 64 players in the Ohio rankings can play in both the Blind Draw State tourney and the Singles State tourney which pays out 70% of the State Championship pot.

If any of the top 64 players don’t show at States, then the entries into singles are passed down to the next highest Ohio ranked player that attends.

Of the 64 players in the Singles State Tourney, the top 16 in that event will advance to the COBS Finals.

State Championships to be held August 2, 2015 in Columbus, OH and the ATL is adding $500 to the prize pot!