USA Forces Qualifier Results

We had our first ever USA Forces Qualifier on Saturday. While the turnout wasn’t great, we still gave a bid to our winners. Congratulations to Quentin Robinson and Chad Braun who punched their ticket to the USA Forces Finals in May! If they get hot you will get to watch them play on the NBC Sports Network! Thanks also to everyone who came out to the blind draws.

USA Forces Qualifier

1st – Quentin Robinson / Chad Braun
2nd – Dan Dillinger / Earl Locklear
Thank you all for your service!

Blind Draw #1

1st – Christine Papcke / Collin Miller
2nd – Josh Miller / Dave Perez
3rd – Duane Dillard / Jim Dudley
4th – Lawan Richards / David Turner
t-5th – Catalin Crihalmean / Jon Lemasters
t-5th – Eric Anderson / Daniel Conrad
t-7th – Jason Shumney / Tyler Thevenin
t-7th – Dennis Williams / Rusty Tobel
t-9th – Felix Rodgers / Gary Bury
t-9th – Tim Parks

Blind Draw #2

1st – Josh Miller / Catalin Crihalmean
2nd – Chad Braun / Lawan Richards
3rd – Christine Papcke / Daniel Conrad
4th – Dave Perez / David Turner
t-5th – Eric Anderson / Dan Dillinger
t-5th – Jon Lemasters / Jim Dudley
t-7th – Tyler Thevenin / Rusty Tobel
t-7th – Duane Dillard / Dave Bertolone
t-9th – Felix Rodgers / Dennis Williams
t-9th – Earl Locklear / Collin Miller
t-9th – Tim Parks / Quentin Robinson
t-9th – Thomas Neff / Gary Bury