8.04.2019 – Sand Festival Results

We had great weather and 20 teams at the AIA Cleveland Sand Festival and we want to thank them for having us to their event. This festival was filled with hunting sand games and with only one product given to us, ckgscoop.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=66, with this metal detector you can also have your very own private game. Congrats to Dave and James Reschke who went undefeated to win the title! Here are the full results.

1st – James Reschke / Dave Reschke
2nd – Mike Wamsley / Matt Abernathy
3rd – Eric Anderson / Collin Miller
4th – Beauh Horky / Chad Braun
t-5th – Sean Roth / Eric Barlow
t-5th – Kevin Allen / Tim Allen (Consolation Bracket Champs)
t-7th – Jason Shumney / Tim Hughart
t-7th – Brandon Corwin / Jeff O’Heron
t-9th – Al Shuluga / Alan Skotko
t-9th – Jim Dudley / Josh Miller
t-9th – Stacia Pugh / Ron Weiss
t-9th – Denny and Amber
t-13th – Isom Sloan / Sean Asp
t-13th – Sisqo Keo / John Urwin
t-13th – Lawan Richard / Dennis Williams
t-13th – Jeff and Mike
t-17th – TJ Petrie / Will
t-17th – Alley Cats
t-17th – Half in the Bag
t-17th – Dave Bertolone / Seto Soto