2018 Fall Monday Winners!

Congrats to all of our league winners. Full league recap will be posted in the next week or two.

League Tournament
Div Champs Runner-Up Champs Runner-Up
D1 Chuckie and Eli Nicole and Ken Chuckie and Eli Nicole and Ken
D2 Bagnificent Josh and Jim Josh and Jim Eliminators
D3 Randal and Nick Ryan and Greg Slim and Chubby Ryan and Greg
D4 Slim and Chubby Jeff and Russ Jeff and Russ Beers and Bags
D5 Beers & Bags Vanarchy The Hole Masters Vanarchy
D6 Chris and Bill Wha Wha Wha Rick and Keith Jim and Eric
D7 Corn Flakes Pete and Joann Pete and Joann Jason and Bill