What Should We Do on Monday’s in Spring?

Looking for feedback on which format we should run starting in mid-late March and going up until Memorial Day in May for the Spring league.

Option 1 – Run the 4-player team league like last year, 3 divisions with a “salary” cap so that teams can’t get all the best players. Players form their own teams.

Option 2 – Blind draw doubles league where you show up and play 5-6 games each night, each game with a random partner (within your division) against a random opponent.  2 divisions and each division the top x players each night play for weekly prizes and top players for the season earn league prizes with a season ending tournament like we always have.

*Note that on Thursday’s in Spring will be a singles league assuming we get at least 50 players to play

Vote now only if you are considering playing on Mondays, thanks!

What Should We Do for Spring on Mondays?

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