ACL – Bring Your Own Bags

Starting with the February ACL Regional players may now bring their own bags to ACL Cleveland events only.  All other Cleveland Cornhole events will still be that the players must use the bags provided (for now at least). Bags must be made by one of the approved ACL bag manufacturers (here’s a link to see the list) and must have the company logo on the bag. If a player does not bring their own bags then they can still use the normal bags used by Cleveland Cornhole (which will be provided).

IMPORTANT – just because a player has a bag from an approved manufacturer does not necessarily mean that they can still be used.  The bags must still meet the specs outlined in the link above.  A player IS allowed to not only hold, but also pitch their opponents bags one time before their game starts if desired. If they feel the bags do not meet specs they can have the bags brought to the tournament director to check to see if they can be used. Once a game is started a player may no longer question their opponents bags.

Finally – anyone found to have tampered with bags that they brought and used (or attempted to use) is subject to suspension from ACL tournaments for a minimum of one year. This does NOT mean if a bag fails inspection, but rather if a bag is found to have been manipulated in any way to gain the player an unfair advantage. Bags that do not pass inspection (but not found to be tampered with) will be held until the event is over and then returned to the owner.