RDA Fundraiser Results – 5 Player Team Event

A big thank you to everyone who came out on 1/31 to support the girls dance team!  Here are the results.

IMG_3980    IMG_3978

Competitive 5-Player Team Event Results
1st – Gimp Squad – Pictured above top –
Back Row Dave Reschke, Chad Braun, Brett Lyons, Aaron Kleinpeter and front Captain Mike Pfaff

2nd – Rick Kuhn, Linda Kuhn, Captain Christine Papcke, Travis Mott, Sean Roth

3rd – Dave Morse, Bob Williams, Ron Weiss, Mike Burdette, Bryant Geschke
4th – Stacia Pugh, Scott Coates, Mitch McBurney, Rob Miller, Mike Bechtel
5th – Jack McAllister, Chuck Keller, Shane Schmucker, Dennis Wareham, Skip Rockhold
6th – Dave Weiser, John Toohey, Dave Abruzzino, Collin Miller, Josh Miller
t-7th – Brandon Corwin, Tolliver, McClure, Behney, Winnie
t-7th – Seto Soto, Jim Dudley, Tim Hughart, Mike Stallard, Steve Fouts
9th – Beau Horky, Dave Kramer, Alan Skotko, Jeff Ledel, Steph

Social Division
1st – Not on Time (Steve and Rob – pictured at the top)
2nd – Dan and Eugene
3rd – Marianne and Dave
4th – Heather and Chris
t-5th – Safety Bob and Dave (all left-handed)
t-5th – Barbie Q 4 2 (Rich and Barb)
t-7th – John and Jason
t-7th – Rebecca and Amanda
9th – Prop Dads – Tim and Mike (Raffle Bracket Champs)
10th – BBD (Tracy and Mike)
t-11th – Betty and Bob
t-11th – Cornhole Gunslingers (Dale and Carolyn)
t-13th – Evie’s Team (Geri and Evelyn)
t-13th – Abbey and Rachel
t-13th – JTT (Stacie and Jay)
t-13th – Jen and Pat