Team Night Results

A long Team Night came down to the final 4 games of the evening.  Team Ron held the slimmest lead possible leading by just ½ a point with 4 games remaining over Team Travis.  Team Ron had 2 games remaining as did Team Travis.  Should Team Ron win both of their 2 games they would win the title, but should they stumble and lose a game (or 2), then Team Travis could steal the title.

Team Ron 8-31-2015

Team Ron – Back – Alan, Mike, Jim, Ron, Robb, Maria

Front – John, Stacia

The 1st of these games to end was one of the battles of the captains as Beau Horky was taking on Ron Weiss.  The game meant nothing to Beau in the standings, but he played the role of spoiler by defeating Ron.  This left the door open for Team Travis, if they could win both games, they would win the night.  However, the other battle of the captains of Chad Braun and Travis Mott went to Chad who also played spoiler.  That left just 2 games that were in progress.  In order for Team Travis to win now they would need Christine Papcke to defeat Ken Allen and have Stacia Pugh lose to Bob Havasi.  Well, Christine held up on her end and won leaving just one game to finish.  Stacia and Bob battled to an 18-18 tie, if Stacia could pull it out then Team Ron would win, if not, it would go to Team Travis…  Stacia earned the necessary points to win the game and the night went to Team Ron.

Congratulations to Team Ron on their victory!

Team Travis 8-31-2015

Team Travis – Earl, Tim, Chick, Tim, Travis, Christine, Bob, Eli

Final Standings

Team Won Lost Pts
Team Ron 24 18 31
Team Travis 23 19 30.5
Team Chad 20 22 26
Team Beau 17 25 20.5
Total 84 84 108