SWCDC Blind Draw Results

We had 11 teams at the fundraiser for SWCDC (South West Catholic Deaf Community).  We ran 2 pools, one with 6 teams and one with 5 teams.  The winner of each pool then played to determine 1st and 2nd place while the 2nd place teams in each pool played to determine 3rd and 4th place.

In the end the team of Rory Stewart and Seto Soto defeated Collin Miller and Bobby Ringle for the title.  3rd place was Matt Hylton and Rob Purcel with Patrick Collins and Brad Harris taking 4th.


Champs – Rory Stewart / Seto Soto

Pool A
1st – Rory Stewart / Seto Soto (5-0)
2nd – Patrick Collins / Brad Harris (3-2)
3rd – Bob Williams / Richard Green (3-2)
4th – Ron Weiss / Jim Lassiter (3-2)
5th – Mike Burdette / Jason Karolak (1-4)
6th – Jarrod P / Anna M

Pool B
1st – Collin Miller / Bobby Ringle (4-0)
2nd – Matt Hylton / Rob Purcell (3-1)
3rd – John Stover / Lisa Nemeth (2-2)
4th – Kryta / Jeff Ledel (1-3)
5th – Mike Tulenko / Tanya Perez (0-4)