Friday Night Singles League Will Not Move Forward

Unfortunately due to lack of interest we will not be moving forward with the once a month singles league. I apologize to those that did come out to the first event and thank you for your participation. We did hold a tournament for 2 divisions, but no league money was collected. Please contact me if you have any suggestions for future events/leagues.

Here are the results from the 1.9.2015 Singles tournaments.  Each division had a full round robin (each player played all the other players in their division).  After round robin the top 2 players and players that finished 3rd and 4th played one game to determine the champ and the 3rd place finisher.

Division I (records in () is the players overall record)

Keith and Stacia

1st – Stacia Pugh (8-2)
2nd – Keith Geho (9-1)
3rd – Christine Papcke (6-4)
4th – Sean Roth (6-4)
5th – Jack McAllister (5-4)
t-6th – Bob Williams (4-5)
t-6th – Travis Mott (4-5)
8th – Mike Pfaff (3-6)
9th – Collin Miller
Scratch – Brandon Corwin

Division II

Ron and Nathan

1st – Ron Weiss (7-1)
2nd – Nathan Gambol (5-3)
3rd – Linda Kuhn (5-2)
4th – Mike Burdette (5-2)
5th – Earl Locklear (3-4)
t-6th – Seto Soto (2-5)
t-6th – Rick Kuhn (2-5)
8th – Tom Sasura (0-7)