Survey Results

Below are the results of this year’s survey as well as my response to each in red.  As always, if you have more feedback please let me know.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond, we had 35 responses this time around.

If the league were to move to a new venue, please state how likely you would be to travel to the new city to be a part of the league

North Olmsted / Olmsted Falls – 4.50 (0 players saying they would not play there)

Brookpark – 4.44 (1 player would not play there)

Parma – 4.24 (2 players would not play there)

Rocky River – 4.03 (3 players would not play there)

North Royalton – 3.37 (4 players would not play there)

Independence – 3.03 (9 players would not play there)

Broadview Heights – 3.00 (7 players would not play there)

Mulberry/Flats – 2.83 (12 players would not play there)

Brunswick – 2.71 (10 players would not play there)

No real big surprises here although I would have thought maybe Rocky River would be a little higher since it neighbors Fairview Park.


If the league moved to a different night, would you consider switching from Monday to the new night (most likely Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)?

Yes, I would probably play on a different night if I’m available – 29 (83%)

No, I would/can only play on Monday’s – 6 (17%)

Not much to be said here, if you can’t play on other days, you can’t play.  One POTENTIAL option we have is a place in the North Olmsted area on Tuesday nights, but no plans to change at this point…


Do you like finishing up each night by 10pm at the latest (typically earlier)? Or would you be ok with playing until 10:30?

I prefer to finish by 10pm – 23 (66%)

I’d prefer to play more scheduled games up until 10:30pm – 12 (34%)

I was just curious, I figured this was the case.  We will continue to try and be done by 10pm (typically earlier)


Which statement is true for you?

I prefer to play more games each night (5-8 games/night) – 33 (94%)

I prefer to play fewer games each night (3-4 games/night) – 2 (6%)

I will continue to try and give everyone 5-7 games/night.  Typically only more than 7 if a team needs an extra week off.


The knock down games were designed to try and give every team a fair chance to win some money back. Do you like the two $10 “knock down” games?

Yes, keep them – 32 (91%)

No, put that money toward the season ending prizes and skip the knock down games 3 (9%)

We will keep the knock down games.


If a tournament was put together so that you only played other players of your skill level, would you attend?

Yes, I already love playing tournaments – 21 (60%)

Yes, I rarely (if ever) play tournaments because of having to play the top players – 10 (29%)

No, I just prefer to play in the league – 4 (11%)

For the 10 of you who voted for not coming because of top players I am hoping to run a couple “grouped” tournaments come Fall of this year to see how they go…


On a scale of 10 to 1 (10 being great and 1 being poor), how much fun do you have playing in the doubles league?

Ten – 25 (71%)

Nine – 4 (11%)

Eight – 2 (6%)

Seven – 3 (9%)

Three – 1 (3%)

This is good news, except for one person who is not having fun. Would love to just chat with that one person to see if there is anything we can do to make it better..


How important are the following items when considering if you should play in the league or not? Rank from most important (1) down to least important (10).

How Well the League is Organized – 3.34 (7 top votes)

Number of Games Each Night – 4.37 (2)

Location – 4.54 (8)

Competition Level – 4.94 (6)

Atmosphere – 5.97 (2)

Website – 6.06 (4)

Cash Prizes – 6.11 (3)

Entry Fee / Cost – 6.17 (1)

Trophies – 6.29 (0)

Food / Drink Prices – 7.00 (2)

Nothing too surprising here other than I thought maybe Location would be #1 and maybe cash prizes would be higher.


Do you have any suggestions on how we can attract more players to grow the league?40 teams is good….

1.       I spread the word just haven’t had any takers

2.       Maybe run multiple locations on the same night.

This actually is an option on Mondays, but would require a ton of work and would players be ok with having to figure out which place they are supposed to go to each Monday?  That’s a good question…

3.       Make sure you hit all methods of communication – social media, flyers, newspaper ads, website and maybe a radio spot.

4.       Maybe don’t have too many sessions. Like anything, you can get buirned out if you play to much. I have played in all the sessions for the last two years and I am going to take the summer off to hope and energize my batteries. Plus when its nice outside. I don’t want to be inside. Would play outdoors.

To respond to this one, I completely understand burnout and understand that some players take sessions off for a reason.  I also try to mix up the Spring session just so that players can skip it if they prefer and to try something new.  I’m not sure that taking longer breaks would be good for the league, of course I haven’t tried it, for me I am ok so far just starting one session after another or filling an open week with a “team night” or something just so those that want to play can and those that want a break can take a break.

5.       Have a league play 2 nights a week.

This is a tougher one for me, I guess if I had to choose I would go with multiple locations on Mondays to help grow the league.  Multiple nights might limit the number of players that can do it.

6.       More advertisement

I kind of just threw this one on the survey to see if there were any new suggestions.  I realize that advertising would help, but of course I feel we are pretty much near our capacity at the American Legion Hall so I have not done hardly any advertising to date.  Should we find a bigger/better venue at some point then I would fire up the advertising.


Any comments/concerns/feedback that you would like to provide to help improve the league?

1.       Enjoy playing with everyone.

2.       I think ur doing a great job as commissioner DAVE…u r Mr.Cornhole…I have a lot of fun and it is very competitive in division play….I like playing up and down the divisions…

Thank you

3.       I think u do a great job with the league and the website!!


4.       I really like the way the league is run now. It is fun, entertaining, competitive, …. I have a blast every time I play, I would not change a thing.

Great to hear, thanks

5.       I still feel that the higher divisions should get better payouts than the lower ones. Skill level should be worth something but I understand in order to grow the league, some things have to be the same across the board. 

Yes, my initial thought when starting out that this is how it should work, but the players did not agree so I try to keep payouts pretty even across all divisions.

6.       I would be interested in a 4 person league. Less teams probably. One week team night, another singles, and then doubles. Plus you could up the price of cornhole and I think people would still play. Sponsors. Team shirts. Maybe play from Halloween until easter.

Hmm, a lot put into this one.  4 person league, interesting.  Up the price?  I could see the very competitive players being ok with it, not sure about the rest.  Maybe.  Sponsors, I suck at getting sponsors.  Halloween to Easter is a long time, I personally prefer to do 2 leagues over that time than one big one.

7.       This league is awesome. Love it! Best part of my week.


8.       I would like to see how much interest there would be in a youth league or youth fun night. Maybe a doubles adult/youth tourny? I have a 10 yr old son who loves to play. Just a thought…

I guess I’m with you, would like to see if there is interest in a youth league.  I think starting with a youth fun night would be better to see if anyone comes.  I know from past experience that “youth tournaments” have not been very successful, I guess that’s why I haven’t tried it, but if we think we could get an ok turnout we could try.