The “9th” Set

In an effort to continually make the league better I am going to try adding a 9th set of boards this coming Monday.  The 9th set of boards will mean less down time for players and shorter nights.  Without the 9th set of boards I would have to schedule at least a few 10pm matches and I don’t think most players want that.  I prefer to have a schedule where the last matches of the night are set to start around 9:30pm so that we can try and be done by 10pm or shortly after.

So, Monday we will give it a shot.  If it doesn’t work out, we will go back to 8 boards after that.  I believe the 9th set should fit comfortably, but it means the door that connects the hall to the bar will have to be blocked off so that people can’t come and go through there and interrupt the game that is in progress.  The door will be left open, but blocked.