Singles Championship Results

We had 41 players come out for the first ever “Cleveland Cornhole Singles Championships”.  21 players competed in Division I and 20 players in Division II.  In the end it was Gary Lewis defeating Jeff Reynolds in Division I and Christine Papcke defeating Sean Roth in Division II.  Thanks to everyone who came out and battled the weather!

Full results below

Division I Results

1st – Gary Lewis (pictured in blue above)
2nd – Jeff Reynolds (pictured in red above)
3rd – Matt Strzala
4th – Ron Kugel
t-5th – Mike Pfaff
t-5th – Jim Cahill
t-7th – Ken Allen
t-7th – Jerry Wilson
t-9th – Ryan Bishop
t-9th – TJ Petrie
t-11th – Shawn Burns
t-11th – Chuck Keller
t-13th – Tom McMurray
t-13th – Brandon Thevenin
t-13th – Ron Weiss
t-13th – Brett Lyons
t-17th – Phil West
t-17th – Stacia Pugh
t-17th – Eddy Wochele
t-17th – Rick Clark
t-17th – Mike Jacques

Division II Results

1st – Christine Papcke (right)
2nd – Sean Roth (left)
3rd – Tom Fulton
4th – Jeff Ledel
t-5th – Michelle Cahill
t-5th – Jeep Joseph
t-7th – Jim Konkle
t-7th – Yudi Joseph
t-9th – Zach Olevenick
t-9th – Dave Miller
t-11th – Howie Gibbons
t-11th – Bob Colon
t-13th – Josh Freet
t-13th – Danny O’Sullivan
t-13th – Frank Blackman
t-13th – Mike Burdette
t-17th – Todd Price
t-17th – Becky Gray
t-17th – Bryan Barnes
t-17th – Bill Kozak

Division I Consolation Bracket Results

1st – Chuck Keller
2nd – Stacia Pugh
3rd – Eddy Wochele
4th – Brandon Thevenin
t-5th – Phil West
t-5th – Brett Lyons
t-7th – Ryan Bishop
t-7th – Mike Jacques
t-9th – Rick Clark
t-9th – Tom McMurray
t-9th – Ron Weiss

Division II Consolation Bracket Results

1st – Dave Miller
2nd – Josh Freet
3rd – Zach Olevenick
4th – Danny O’Sullivan
t-5th – Bryan Barnes
t-5th – Howie Gibbons
t-7th – Mike Burdette
t-7th – Becky Gray
t-9th – Frank Blackman
t-9th – Bill Kozak