“Ryder Cup” Team Night Results

Captain Stacia Pugh and “Team Party Bus” won the Dec ’12 Ryder Cup Team Night last night.  The Party Bus team started out slow by going just 2-4 in the “Quads” portion of the event, but turned it around quickly by going 9-3 in doubles and 18-6 in singles to take home the title.

Final Results:

1st Place – Team Party Bus – Captain Stacia Pugh – Team Members (shown above from left to right) Rick Clark, Dave Miller, Stacia Pugh, Collin Miller, Christine Papcke, Ron Weiss, Brian Thomas and not pictured, Matt Strzala.

Quads 2-4
Doubles 9-3
Singles 18-6
29-13 Overall Record

2nd Place – Team Pfaff – Captain Mike Pfaff
Quads 5-1
Doubles 7-5
Singles 9-15
21-21 Overall Record

3rd Place – “The Baby Cobra’s” – Captain Brett Lyons
Quads 3-5
Doubles 5-7
Singles 10-14
18-24 Overall Record

4th Place – “Dub’s Dream Team” – Captain Wayne Colonna
Quads 2-4
Doubles 3-9
Singles 11-13
16-26 Overall Record