Monday’s “Team” Night is Sold Out

Here is the list of players that I show as paying.  If you paid and are not on the list I need to know asap.  If you are not on the list, sorry, we are sold out so unless somebody cancels we will not have any openings on Monday.  Everyone who has paid needs to arrive by 6:30pm on Monday.  We probably won’t start the games until closer to 7pm, but need to recruit captains and “draft” players and get everything set-up and need to make sure everyone is there.  Thanks.

1 Aaron Kleinpeter
2 Beau Horky
3 Brett Lyons
4 Brian Myers
5 Brian Thomas
6 Christine Papcke
7 Dan Wolf
8 Darnell Johnson
9 Dave Weiser
10 George Townsend
11 Jim Cahill
12 JJ Teron
13 Ken Allen
14 Kurt Mott
15 Matt Strzala
16 Michelle Cahill
17 Mike Pfaff
18 Rick Clark
19 Robb Teron
20 Ron Weiss
21 Rudy Szopo
22 Stacia Pugh
23 Travis Mott
24 William Kozak