League Recap

Wow, crazy night in a lot of ways last night in the league.  Here are some of the highlights:

–          Christine and Darnell went 3-0 to leap-frog from 5th place all the way up to 2nd place in Div II to claim that cash making them our “Team of the Week”!  Congrats Christine and Darnell

–          Applesauce Boys finished their excellent run in division play by winning 2/3 to clinch Div II

–          Robb and Chuck went 3-1 to squeak out 3rd place in Div II

–          Those Guys won Div III with ease and went undefeated in matches in divisional play

–          Jeff/Aaron also made a jump yesterday to finish 2nd in Div III

–          Ninja Warriors pulled off two tough wins on the night

–          A-maizing pulled off the win over Cornhole is Fun late to keep Cornhole is Fun from clinching the division

–          Cornhole is Fun and Ricky Bobby finished tied for first.  They both went 9-3 in matches, both had the same number of points and both swept each other when playing head to head, so in order to settle the tie they will have to play a ONE game playoff at 6:30pm next Monday while the tournament starts for the other divisions

I love divisional play.  I mean look at Div II, that division was wide open from top to bottom.  Div I see’s first place with 3 losses and other than Those Guys in Div III, that was competitive as well.

That being said, I think we have seen the last of the best 2/3 format for a while.  These competitive matches that go 3 games just simply take too long.  Some well over an hour.  Even though only 29-31 matches were scheduled each night (which was felt at the time to be a very safe number), we still didn’t end until 11pm on some nights.  So I think we will return to the 2-game series with a pitch-off as a tiebreaker.  If anyone has suggestions on a better way to do the tiebreaker, I would love some feedback as having everyone throw 4 bags is ok, but perhaps there is a better way…

Other updates:

–          Currently 16 players have signed-up for the “team” event on 5/21.  Remember, you sign-up individually and then teams are decided that night.  It’s $10 to play, we still need 8 more players.  If I still have open spots at the end of the night on 5/14, I will ask players outside of the league to play.  If we don’t get to 24 players, then it will be changed to be a blind draw that night.  Here are the players that have paid thus far (Beau, Matt, Christine, Brian M, Stacia, Mike, Brett, Dave W, Michelle, Jim C, Brian T, Rudy, JJ, Rick C, Kurt and Travis).

–          Sign-ups for the league starting on 6/4 at Flyers is now open.  $50/team

–          Tournament brackets for next Monday will be posted soon.  Double elimination, single games, higher finishing team in divisional play is the home team for WINNERS bracket games.  Once you lose a game, then it goes to a coin toss to decide who the home team is