I Need Some Feedback

So I know I put the poll up asking if you prefer to stay indoors for the summer or move outdoors and the majority clearly voted for indoors.  However, as a concerned player/director I would like to discuss further the option of going back to Flyers (outdoors) to play in June, July and August.  My concern is this, our league is incredibly talented and also incredibly competitive.  While personally I love this, I also view this as a recipe for future disaster.  Let’s face it, there aren’t that many “Leg Sweepers” in the country, let alone in the Cleveland area that can come out of nowhere and within a year or less start competing with the top teams in our league.  Many players may come to our league for one session, realize they just can’t compete and never return.  I mean ALL of our divisions are competitive and have talented players, so you can’t just come in out of nowhere and have a place to compete.  This recipe has been shown to be true at tournaments throughout the country and I believe it could very well be true for our league.  Players try once, they can’t compete and they go back to just throwing in their back yard.  

Every year in the past NEOCornhole had their biggest participation in the summer and more than enough teams to run three divisions which included a Social division for players that well, just aren’t very good, but still want to play.  I would like to reach out to these players again for the summer, but staying indoors means that this can’t happen because these players not only prefer to play outdoors in the summer, but the KOC Hall is simply not big enough to handle more than 24 teams.

Of course, even if we move outside it does not mean that these teams will come back, but I feel it’s worth a shot.  I realize that Flyers provides some VERY challenging conditions.  It’s almost always windy when we start each night, but the bags slide.  Then as the sun goes down the wind calms, but the boards become ultra-sticky and some of the boards are elevated on one end and thus it’s a HUGE challenge for players.  However, this is GREAT practice for anyone that even considers playing outdoor tournaments and in a way it’s invaluable and will (or should) make you a better player.

In the end though, I want to do my best to keep this nucleus of players together if at all possible, so I want your feedback.  I just fear that inevitably some of our “core” players will stop playing for one reason or another and we will dwindle down to the point where the league no longer exists.

Thanks for listening, feel free to comment below or I will try to take a quick vote again on Monday night,Dave