Monday Off Nights

# Off 1/13 Off 1/20 Off 1/27 Off 2/3
1 Bagger Club Aaron and Ron American Bagsters Bagnificent
2 Bearded Baggers Asp Holes Bagger Club Christine and Travis
3 Chris and Earl Bob and Kyle Bullet Club Corn Stars
4 Cornhole A.I. Dennis and JJ Daniel and CC Dave Squared
5 Dave and Bill Don and Pat Dawgs for Life Dennis and JJ
6 Dave and Marty Help Wanted Deb and Ken Don and Pat
7 Friggin Beardos Jim and Darnell Derek and Joe Eric and Beau
8 Help Wanted Mike and John Gary and Tyler Felix and Sean
9 Kevin and Macen Quentin and James Jeff and Russ George and Ken
10 Mad Dog Baggers Sandie and Tom Kevin and Tim Jeep and Yudi
11 Simon and Jeff Tony and Don Larry and John Kerry and Eli
12 Tony and Tim Michelle and Dennis Mike and John
13 The Hole Masters Quentin and James
14 Tony and Don Sandie and Tom
15 Tom and Ash
16 Tony and Don
17 Too Legit
Off 2/10 Off 2/17
Asp Holes Emily and Ray
Bob and Kyle Jeff and Russ
Danielle and Dillon Jim and Darnell
Jason and Tim Reschke
Just the Tip Seto and Nick
Nicole and Ken Timmy and Anthony
More to be Added Tony and Tim
More to be Added