Everything You Need to Know About the 1st Regional Cup Event…

Well, almost everything… Including Advanced Matchups at the end of this post!

*Order will be Advanced will play 8-player, 4-player, Doubles then Singles.  Competitive will play Doubles, Singles and finish up with 4-player so that we can keep boards full throughout the day.

Please note that if you are signed up, you MUST attend.  The biggest issue with an event like this is if one person does not show-up, it screws everything up.  Please, if you signed-up, you must be there… If you ABSOLUTELY cannot make it, please let me know ASAP and we can try and find a sub.

Date: Saturday, August 12th – Doors open at 11am, games start AT Noon (come early if you want warm-ups as only about half the players can warm-up at once!). If successful and we do this again, I may be able to get a bigger location in the future.

Location: Copper Stone Event Center – 4630 Ridge Rd, Brooklyn, OH 44144

Cost: $40/person for the Advanced Division, $30/person for the Competitive Division (all players get a shirt)

Bags: This is a bring your own bags event. You can bring any bags that meet ACL specs (do NOT have to be from an ACL approved vendor).

Competitive Division Format (Four 8-Player Teams, Each Player Plays 9 Games):
1 – Three 4-player games (2 players at each end, each player pitches 2 bags – every other bag)
2 – Three doubles games
3 – Three singles games

Each 4-player game is worth 2 points.  Each doubles game is worth 1.5 points and each singles game is worth 1 point.

Competitive Team Colors
California Blue (Akron)
Gray (Cleveland – Miller)
Neon Yellow (Cleveland – Rodgers)
Red (Warren)

Competitive Teams

Akron Cleveland Miller Cleveland Rodgers Warren
Bill Hilbish Alan Skotko Dave Abruzzino Chris Schneider
Bob Snyder George Mendek Dawn Rodgers Chuck Grimes
Don Gray Jason Komar Felix Rodgers David Brown
Glen Milburn Jeep Joseph Jim Dudley Doug Cribley
James Brannon John Stover Nicole Kountz Gary Baker
Linda Kuhn Josh Miller Steve Fouts Jeff Rowland
Rick Kuhn Kerry Mittermiller Tim Haywood Mark Cribley
Taylor Maier Tyler Thevenin Tim Hughart Nick Fusco

The matchups for the Competitive division will not be know until Saturday as some teams are still working on them.

Advanced Division Format (Three 16-Player Teams, Each Player Plays 8 Games):
1 – Two 8-player games (4 players on each end, each player pitches 1 bag)
2 – Two 4-player games (2 players at each end, each player pitches 2 bags – every other bag)
3 – Two doubles games
4 – Two singles games

Each 8-player game is worth 4 points.  Each 4-player game is worth 3 points.  Each doubles game is worth 2 points and each singles game is worth 1 point.  When it’s all said and done you add up all of your teams points and the team with the most points wins!  With just 3 teams overall it will be winner takes all.  Note that some of the entry fee goes towards hall rental, bartender, shirts, director and the cup trophy purchase.

Advanced Team Colors:
Royal Blue (Akron)
Wine (Cleveland)
Neon Green (Warren)

Advanced Teams

Akron Cleveland Youngstown
Adam Hissner Aaron Kleinpeter Andrew Miller
Al Shuluga Beau Horky Chuckie Love
Barry Beresford Chad Braun Denny Wareham
Bill Sobleskie Jr. Christine Papcke Gary Lewis
Bill Sobleskie Sr. Collin Miller $G-Money$
Brandon Corwin Dave Reschke Jake Henry
Chick Roth Eli Stevens Jeff Reynolds
Greg Wyatt Eric Anderson Keith Geho
Ken Schaef Ken Allen Mark Miller
Kieran Hornacek Kevin Allen Ron Kugel
Mitch McBurney Matt Strzala Scott Coates
Rob Miller Mike Burdette Shane Schmucker
Sean Roth Mike Pfaff Shawn Burns
Shaun Burchfield Ron Weiss Timmy Mast
Travis Seigferth Seto Soto Tom Loftus
Trey Burchfield Travis Mott Tree

Advanced Matchups

8 on 8

Rnd Team 1 Team 2
1 C.Roth/S.Burchfield/Beresford/S.Roth
Shuluga/McBurney/Schaef/Bill Jr.
E.Stevens/Kleinpeter/C.Miller/Kevin Allen
Pfaff/Braun/Strzala/Ken Allen
Corwin/T.Burchfield/Hissner/Bill Sr.
2 C.Roth/S.Burchfield/Beresford/S.Roth
Shuluga/McBurney/Schaef/Bill Jr.
Corwin/T.Burchfield/Hissner/Bill Sr.
Pfaff/Braun/Strzala/Ken Allen
E.Stevens/Kleinpeter/C.Miller/Kevin Allen

4 on 4

Rnd Team 1 Team 2
3 C.Roth/S.Burchfield/Siegferth/S.Miku Papcke/Mott/Reschke/Anderson
Hissner/Bill Sr./Shuluga/McBurney Weiss/Burdette/C.Miller/Kevin Allen
Horky/Soto/Strzala/Ken Allen $G-Money$/Schmucker/Miller/Miller
Beresford/S.Roth/Wyatt/Hornacek Kugel/Lewis/Henry/Mast
4 C.Roth/S.Burchfield/Siegferth/S.Miku Reynolds/Geho/Wareham/Tree
Weiss/Burdette/C.Miller/Kevin Allen Love/Burns/Coates/Loftus
Corwin/T.Burchfield/Schaef/Bill Jr. Horky/Soto/Strzala/Ken Allen
Pfaff/Braun/E.Stevens/Kleinpeter Kugel/Lewis/Henry/Mast
5 Papcke/Mott/Reschke/Anderson Reynolds/Geho/Wareham/Tree
Hissner/Bill Sr./Shuluga/McBurney Love/Burns/Coates/Loftus
Corwin/T.Burchfield/Schaef/Bill Jr. $G-Money$/Schmucker/Miller/Miller
Beresford/S.Roth/Wyatt/Hornacek Pfaff/Braun/E.Stevens/Kleinpeter


Rnd Team 1 Team 2
6 Siegferth/S.Miku Wareham/Tree
Wyatt/Hornacek $G-Money$/Schmucker
Horky/Soto Henry/Mast
E.Stevens/Kleinpeter Coates/Loftus
Beresford/S.Roth Reschke/Anderson
Schaef/Bill Jr. Pfaff/Braun
Hissner/Bill Sr. Papcke/Mott
Corwin/T.Burchfield Strzala/Ken Allen
7 C.Miller/Kevin Allen Wareham/Tree
Weiss/Burdette $G-Money$/Schmucker
C.Roth/S.Burchfield Horky/Soto
Shuluga/McBurney E.Stevens/Kleinpeter
Reschke/Anderson Miller/Miller
Pfaff/Braun Kugel/Lewis
Hissner/Bill Sr. Reynolds/Geho
Corwin/T.Burchfield Love/Burns
8 Siegferth/S.Miku Weiss/Burdette
Wyatt/Hornacek C.Miller/Kevin Allen
C.Roth/S.Burchfield Henry/Mast
Shuluga/McBurney Coates/Loftus
Beresford/S.Roth Miller/Miller
Schaef/Bill Jr. Kugel/Lewis
Papcke/Mott Reynolds/Geho
Strzala/Ken Allen Love/Burns


Rnd Player 1 Player 2
9 Kieran Hornacek Shane Schmucker
Travis Siegferth Tree
Steve Miku Denny Wareham
Shaun Burchfield George Davis
Aaron Kleinpeter Timmy Mast
Ron Weiss Jake Henry
Beau Horky Tom Loftus
Eli Stevens Scott Coates
Sean Roth Eric Anderson
Barry Beresford Dave Reschke
Bill Sr Travis Mott
Bill Jr Chad Braun
Trey Burchfield Ken Allen
Ken Schaef Matt Strzala
Brandon Corwin Mike Pfaff
Adam Hissner Christine Papcke
10 Mike Burdette Shane Schmucker
Collin Miller Tree
Seto Soto Denny Wareham
Kevin Allen George Davis
Greg Wyatt Aaron Kleinpeter
Mitch McBurney Ron Weiss
Chick Roth Beau Horky
Al Shuluga Eli Stevens
Eric Anderson Mark Miller
Dave Reschke Andrew Miller
Travis Mott Shawn Burns
Chad Braun Keith Geho
Trey Burchfield Gary Lewis
Ken Schaef Ron Kugel
Brandon Corwin Jeff Reynolds
Adam Hissner Chuckie Love
11 Kieran Hornacek Mike Burdette
Travis Siegferth Collin Miller
Steve Miku Seto Soto
Shaun Burchfield Kevin Allen
Greg Wyatt Timmy Mast
Mitch McBurney Jake Henry
Chick Roth Tom Loftus
Al Shuluga Scott Coates
Sean Roth Mark Miller
Barry Beresford Andrew Miller
Bill Sr Shawn Burns
Bill Jr Keith Geho
Ken Allen Gary Lewis
Matt Strzala Ron Kugel
Mike Pfaff Jeff Reynolds
Christine Papcke Chuckie Love

If you see anything wrong, please let me know!

Questions?  Email me at ClevelandCornhole@att.net or Text/Call me at 440.570.5701