ACL Watch List

Since we have multiple divisions in ACL then players who consistently do well in their division have to move up. Here’s a list of those that have to move up, those that are close to being moved up and those that are allowed to move down.

Note that this is mainly based on ACL participation. Players that are moved up may appeal if they wish and we can have a discussion about it.  Singles and doubles are tracked separately, some players may have to move up for doubles, but not singles (and vice versa).

Competitive Social
Moved Up Doubles (Must Play Open Doubles Going Forward) Moved Up Doubles (Must Play Competitive Doubles Going Forward)
Ron Weiss Al Shuluga
Kevin Allen
Watch List Doubles (Still Allowed to Play Competitive Doubles For Now) Trey Burchfield
Barry Beresford
Dave Reschke Watch List Doubles (Still Allowed to Play Social Doubles For Now)
Ryan Bishop Kerry Mittermiller
Terry Bishop
Moved Up Singles (Must Play Open Singles Going Forward) Moved Up Singles (Must Play Competitive Singles Going Forward)
Bob Williams Al Shuluga
Dave Wood
Watch List Singles (Still Allowed to Play Competitive Singles For Now) Rob Smith
Dave Reschke Seto Soto
Terry Bishop Trey Burchfield
Wayne Colonna
Watch List Singles (Still Allowed to Play Social Singles For Now)
Jim Cahill
Kerry Mittermiller
Kevin Allen
Trevor King