ACL Shirts

As a thank you to all of the dedicated ACL players out there, I’m buying anyone who participates in at least 6 of my ACL Cleveland Regionals this season (Aug 2017 – May 2018) a free t-shirt! I mentioned this to some of you at the last regional, but did not get to everyone. With that said, if you do NOT participate in 6 you can still buy a shirt if you wish for $15.

Additionally, you can also just buy the regular Cleveland Cornhole shirt if desired. “Regular” t-shirts with Cleveland Cornhole on the front are $12.

I plan to order shirts after the February regional on 2/3.

Finally, you can also add your name or team name on the back of any shirt for $5 more.


This list does not guaranteed that your shirt is free, this is a list of players that have played in at least 2 ACL Cleveland Regionals thus far.

Please email me at if you want a shirt, or are on this list without the information filled in (or filled in incorrectly). Color options for the ACL shirts are black, dark gray or turquoise.  Color options for a regular Cleveland Cornhole shirt include all major colors.